“Holistic development of personality is only possible on the foundation of peace”: Suneel Galgotia


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The School of Liberal Education at Galgotias University organized the “Peace Education Program” in association with the Prem Rawat Foundation.

The Prem Rawat Foundation is known worldwide for its social initiatives and efforts towards internal peace.

The Dean of the School of Liberal Education, Anuradha Parashar, stated in her welcome speech that this program is important and useful for sensitization the students on the issue of “peace.”

“Peace education” is important as students develop an understanding of the important role they can play in the community and acceptance of others without being judgmental which are the pillars of happiness.

The Vice-Chancellor of the university, Mallikarjun Babu, said on this occasion that maintaining inner peace is essential for every individual. The enemies of inner peace are envy and greed.

Dr. Suresh Gupta, a scientist from the National Informatics Centre, expressed his happiness that Galgotias University had shown interest in this subject and highlighted the importance of this program in today’s times. He emphasized that teachers and students can play a crucial role in nation-building by leading a peaceful existence.

Retired engineer from the Indian Railways, K.K. Miglani, provided information about the ongoing initiatives of the Prem Rawat Foundation. He mentioned that participating individuals in this program have witnessed several positive transformations within themselves.

Members of the Prem Rawat Foundation, Dr. Tanuja Vashisht and Dr. Lata Sharan, were present at the program. They expressed their joy at being associated with Galgotias University and emphasized the significance of this program for peace education.

Suneel Galgotia, the Chancellor of Galgotias University, conveyed a message to the students, stating that the holistic development of personality is only possible on the foundation of peace.

The CEO of Galgotia University, Dhruv Galgotia, said that the development of a person’s creative personality occurs in a peaceful environment.

The Director Operations of the University, Aradhana Galgotia, extended her congratulations to everyone on the success of the program and, in her address, told the students that encouraging them for the development of values and skills is one of the goals of “Peace Education.”

In a question and answer session with the speakers, a student. Tasmee Ajamad said that maintaining a harmonious environment and not causing any trouble is his definition of peace. Another student Rashi Kumari said that gentle behavior represents peaceful thinking. Kumari Saumya said that everyone should always maintain peace, as it opens up the path to progress. Kumari Shripurna also said that peace leads to an increase in positivity in our lives.

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