Hospitality Purchasing Managers Forum Welcomes New Advisory Board Members

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New Delhi, 4th April 2024: The Hospitality Purchasing Managers Forum (HPMF) has announced the addition of two distinguished individuals to its Advisory Board. The inclusion of these stalwarts, with their wealth of experience and expertise, is expected to further bolster HPMF’s standing in the industry.

The first addition to the Advisory Board is Mr. Raj Kumar Kuldeep Singh Rathore, a prominent figure in the legal realm and a scion of the Royal Family of Jodhpur Raoti province. With his extensive background as a senior High Court Advocate in Jodhpur, Mr. Rathore brings a unique perspective to the table. Moreover, his active involvement in numerous social and philanthropic endeavors underscores his commitment to community welfare. Mr. Rathore’s unwavering support for HPMF since 2017 has been instrumental in fostering a strong bond between the organization and the legal fraternity.

The second appointee, Mr. Nasir Shaikh, is a seasoned hotelier renowned for his exemplary leadership in the hospitality sector. As the Group CEO of Lexicon Group of Institutes and an award-winning professional, Mr. Shaikh has garnered widespread recognition for his contributions to the industry. His multifaceted background, including his role as a TedeX Speaker and Associate Editor at Pune Times Mirror and Pune Civic Mirror, reflects his diverse skill set and extensive network. Mr. Shaikh’s long-standing admiration for HPMF underscores his belief in the Forum’s mission and vision.

HPMF, the largest consortium of Hospitality Purchasing Managers globally, boasts a membership base of over 6000 professionals spanning across India, the Middle East, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and the Maldives. The addition of Mr. Rathore and Mr. Shaikh to its Advisory Board further enhances the Forum’s ability to address the evolving needs of the industry and provide strategic guidance to its members.

In addition to this notable announcement, HPMF is gearing up to celebrate its Annual Convention in Ayodhya in September 2024. The convention promises to be a pivotal event, offering industry stakeholders a platform to exchange insights, foster partnerships, and explore emerging trends shaping the hospitality procurement landscape.


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