Hung assembly in Delhi

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With the Delhi Assembly already in the upside down condition, hopefully for the best interest of the state, the question remains “who will form the govt”.? The best possibility in my opinion is that BJP being the largest party be invited for forming government. With a shortfall in the majority, they would also be moving gracefully and cautiously to remain in power. Since the only leg puller could be the Congress, which is not in any position of pulling others’ legs, BJP has the opportunity to prove its governance.

The other option is that AAP should come forward and ask BJP for support without participating in the government. Since AAP is understood to be a clean party, why should they be afraid of forming the government? However, this option is not advisable in the larger interest of the country and the people. Because AAP being new to politics is not conversant with the procedures and the protocols of the government, that too not of any other state, but of the national capital. So, AAP should be called by the governor and asked to support BJP forming government. AAP being a descent party would not indulge in too much of leg pulling and would be in a position of helping BJP run the government but also keep a check on it.

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