IIA co-founder Neeraj Sharma highlights the inclusive culture of Palau at IIA Event

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New Delhi, 16th Feb: Neeraj A. Sharma, the Honorary Consul-General of the Republic of Palau in India and a co-founder of the International Inclusion Alliance, shared profound insights during his address at the IIA Conference 2024. Reflecting on his association with the IIA and his experiences as an Ambassador of the Republic of Palau, Sharma shed light on the unique matrilineal culture prevalent in Palau.

In his discourse, Sharma elaborated on how power and property traditionally pass from mother to daughter in Palauan families, emphasizing the inherent benefits of such a tradition. He underscored how this women-centric transfer of power fosters strong familial bonds and ensures economic stability within the community.

“In Palau, the pivotal role of women in decision-making is unmistakable,” remarked Mr. Sharma, painting a vivid picture of the country’s breathtaking beauty and diverse geography, comprising approximately 500 islands in the western Pacific. Moreover, he elaborated on the significant contributions of women to the economy and their instrumental role in integrating various marginalized groups into mainstream society.

Sharma’s profound insights not only highlighted the cultural richness of Palau but also underscored the importance of gender equality and inclusive practices in building resilient communities.



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