IIM Raipur Celebrates 13th Annual Convocation Ceremony, Marking a Milestone in Academic Excellence

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National, April 11th, 2024: The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Raipur proudly hosted its 13th Annual Convocation Ceremony on Wednesday, April 10th, 2024, commemorating the academic achievements and successes of its graduating students. The ceremony, held at the institute’s campus in Naya Raipur, was a momentous occasion filled with pride and celebration. Family members, friends, and distinguished guests were audience to 22 student exchange graduates, 298 Post Graduate Program graduates, 184 E-PGP graduates, and 11 Fellow and Executive Fellow Program in Management graduates received their convocation degrees and medals. Along with these, 124 alumni from Batch 2018-20 and 2019-21 who had received their degree online also attended the ceremony and were physically convocated.

Distinguished guests and esteemed speakers graced the event, inspiring and motivating the young graduates as they prepared to embark on their professional journeys.

The Chief Guest for the ceremony was Shri G V Prasad, Co-Chairman and Managing Director of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, who delivered the Convocation Address. Shri Puneet Dalmia, Chairperson of the Board of Governors, extended a warm Welcome Address, while Prof. Ram Kumar Kakani, Director of IIM Raipur, highlighted the institute’s achievements and milestones in the Director’s Report.

The chairperson BoG, Shri Puneet Dalmia congratulated the graduating batch and advised them to embrace lifelong learning. He further said, “Let the timeless Indian values be your guiding star, as you go through the ups and downs of life and navigate challenges to ultimately reach your goals. As you leave IIM Raipur and step into a world filled with opportunities, you carry with you not just a degree but a legacy of excellence. The knowledge you’ve gained here is a tool, not just for your personal success but for the larger good of society.”

Chief guest Shri G V Prasad encouraged graduating students to be the future leaders of India, filled with potential and promise, stepping into the world by remembering to embrace innovation, resilience, and continuous learning. He urged them to navigate challenges and make meaningful contributions to society, to actively participate in initiatives that drive positive change.

He said, “The management education prepares you for three aspects of your work life: It gives you a broad perspective, develops your analytical and critical thinking skills and prepares you to face your life. Pivotal moments lead to the discovery and shaping of purpose in our journey.” He further talked about his journey at Dr. Reddy’s where at times he faced the hardships and had to lead the company through it making the company stronger than who run it. With this he urged the graduates to not be taken aback when moments of crisis come their way, they might be the ones that shape the purpose.

Furthermore, Prof. Kakani presented the Director’s report, where he shared IIM Raipur’s achievements in the past academic year, reflecting on its fourteen years of existence. He emphasised on Returns on Investments (ROI) in Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) of National Importance where he said, “The investment time frame across different sectors of society varies based on the nature of activities and the decision-makers involved. In higher education, academics align with the category where the requirement is long-term commitment akin to esteemed institutions like the Universities of Nalanda, Takshshila, Cambridge, and Oxford. Recognizing this, we should appreciate the significance of this aspect in nurturing IIM Raipur. Unlike the transient returns the impact of institutions like the Oxford endures across centuries. We at IIM Raipur strive towards the same as mentioned in our “Memorandum of Association” mandated by the Government of India.”

IIM Raipur has emerged as a leading business school in the country securing the 11th position in the NIRF ranking. Committed to providing a global perspective to its programs and activities, the institute has fostered collaborations with institutions worldwide, exemplified by its International Student Exchange Program, research collaborations and publications and its own Case House- CHIRP.

In the past year, IIM Raipur has witnessed notable initiatives and achievements which includes organizing the 7th HR Summit and the 7th Leadership Summit, which provided platforms for insightful discussions on contemporary challenges and opportunities in business and leadership. Along with being at the forefront of academic discourse, the institute hosted significant international conferences such as the Sixth International Conference on Development and Governance in the BRICS nations and the International Conference on Regenerative Ecosystems 2023. Moreover, the institute introduced a Post Graduate Certificate Program in Digital Health in collaboration with the Digital Health Academy New Delhi, attracting interest from medical professionals across India, the United States, and Singapore. This year marked the launch of a six-month Certificate course for Indian Navy officers on Global Supply Chain Management in partnership with the Directorate General Resettlement (DGR), New Delhi, demonstrating the institute’s commitment to providing specialized education and training. IIM Raipur actively fosters a vibrant campus environment through various clubs and initiatives, emphasizing holistic development and community engagement.

IIM Raipur’s convocation ceremony also saw gold medals being awarded for scholastic performance. Among the Post Graduate Programme (PGP) students, Mahalakshmi Shanmugam received the BOG Chairperson’s Gold Medal, Tanvi Bagora received the Director’s Gold Medal, Revant Madhur Agrawal received the PGP Chairperson’s medal and Arjun Vansil received the medal for best overall performance.

Amongst the Executive Post Graduate Programme (EPGP B2) students, Prachi Dikshit received the BOG Chairperson’s Gold Medal, Isha Bhatia received the Director’s Gold Medal and Nagesh Madhwal received the EPGP Chairperson’s gold medal for their scholastic performance.

In a first, IIM Raipur conducted a gratitude ceremony for parents and teachers: ‘Matr, Pitr, and Guru Pujan’ where students expressed their gratitude towards their parents and professors. This was organized in the morning of the convocation day. It is worth noting that this is the first time that such a ceremony has been organized and this sets IIM Raipur apart from others.

IIM Raipur stands firm in its commitment to providing exceptional education and preparing students for prosperous careers. The institute takes pride in the graduates’ proficiency and knowledge that reflect dedication to excellence.

This event’s success is a testament to the relentless efforts of the faculty, staff, and volunteers. The institute extends heartfelt appreciation to the sponsors and partners whose support has enabled to fulfil the mission of delivering outstanding education and empowering the graduates to achieve their aspirations.

In just fourteen years, IIM Raipur has earned a distinguished reputation in academia. Through academic excellence, impactful research, executive education, and robust industry and international collaborations, the institute continues to make significant strides. The objective is to remain steadfast in the commitment to fostering a premier academic and research environment, contributing to societal and national advancement.

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