IIMA Holds Virtual Convocation for ePGP Students

 January 24th, 2021: The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA), a premier global management institute, today held a virtual Convocation ceremony for its graduates from the e-Mode Post Graduate Programme (ePGP).

Dr Hasit Joshipura, Senior Vice President, Larsen & Toubro Limited graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. He was welcomed by the Director to the ceremony, which was attended by members of the Board, faculty, staff, alumni, graduating students and their families from different locations. The online Convocation ceremony was broadcast Live on IIMA’s You Tube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/IIMA-OFFICIAL/videos.

Delivering the convocation address, Chief Guest Dr. Hasit Joshipura, Senior Vice President, Larsen & Toubro Limited, congratulated the graduating students and appreciated them for their passion for studying even as they continued to work and run their businesses. He said, “Three developments of the 90s are forming the building blocks for far reaching change. First, the remarkable and the rapid drop in the price of computing power. The second big shift brought about by the internet which has made knowledge ubiquitous, is what I call the democratisation of innovation.

The third shift relates to the future of work.  Received wisdom used to be that there was a reciprocal contract. Corporations used to offer lifetime employment and in return, loyalty was what the employee offered. That contract went out at least two decades ago if not more. Then issues like diversity, etc. gained centre stage. Then alternative formats of second careers for women, all in search of perceived equity and, of course, talent. The pandemic has resulted in one more format, which is work from home, and already companies are contemplating differential compensation depending on your geography of work. And then you have the gig economy where young people do not wish to be confined in a strait jacket of formal employment, but prefer working for a period and then take a break to pursue other interests. Employers will have to develop flexible formats apart from flexible cultures, which accommodate maverick innovators. Work in progress but you need to watch this space.

The future for the generations of today is far more potentially fulfilling than it was for my generation given the strait jackets that we had to fit into. And you are part of that benefitted generation. I wish you all great success in your future endeavours”. For full speech, click: https://www.iima.ac.in/epgpconvocation/

Addressing the audience, Professor Errol D’Souza, Director, IIMA, lauded the students, faculty and their families for their perseverance and commitment in the face of the pandemic. Professor D’Souza said, “Management and I dare say good living is about self-awareness, mindfulness, and self-control. You have been exposed at the Institute to some of these principles and about taking ownership for the decisions you make. We wish you all success as you step out as ambassadors of the institute and look forward to the myriad achievements that we are sure you will actualize. It is for you to control your destiny and do keep in mind, that if you do not, then someone else will. Our very best to you and your families.” For full speech, click: https://www.iima.ac.in/epgpconvocation/

A total of 62 graduating students of the ePGP graduated with the Master of Management Studies degree and the top achievers in the class were awarded merit certificates. Mr. Ketan Tulsidas Savjani who was the academic topper was announced the gold medallist while Mr Swapnil Nagesh Padate and Mr Chinmay Manoj Chandakkar were awarded merit certificates and cash prizes for getting the highest GPA scores in the batch.

Even as the pandemic limited activities, the Institute ensured that the students were engaged in their academic pursuits and extra-curricular activities, which included organising and participation in various students led and external conferences, consulting projects, competitions etc.  The students also spent time on campus as part of their specially designed learning sessions.

The ePGP course offered by IIMA is a two-year Masters degree programme, which is unique in its approach, delivery and experience. The course is designed for working professionals. While other IIMA long duration programmes are residential, the ePGP is offered over more than 850 hours of classroom sessions over a live interactive classroom online, which allows students to take lessons at study centres in their own cities. These students also come to the IIMA campus into physical classrooms for specific modules that are scheduled at periodic intervals through the programme.

In addition to the full-time and residential programmes, the Institute has designed and developed a portfolio of online and blended learning programmes to meet the changing demands of a diverse set of professionals, corporates, entrepreneurs, governments, academic institutions, and social organisations.   Its course offerings provide the participants with current and relevant knowledge based on academic rigor, cutting-edge research, case studies and real-world experiences.

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