IndiGo reinstates direct connectivity between Mumbai and Jabalpur

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National, May 28, 2024: IndiGo, India’s preferred airline, has announced the recommencement of operations between Mumbai and Jabalpur, enhancing direct connectivity between these cities. This route not only strengthens tourism between the two popular destinations but also boosts vital business interactions. Starting July 01, 2024, these flights will operate daily, providing customers with an extended range of flight options to enhance accessibility and facilitate seamless travel.

Mr. Vinay Malhotra, Head of Global Sales at IndiGo, said“We are pleased to reintroduce our daily direct flights between Mumbai and Jabalpur. We are committed to expanding direct connectivity and enhancing accessibility. This flight will offer additional capacity and increased options, especially for business travelers, enhancing trade opportunities in both the cities. As India’s leading airline, we are committed to offering our customers seamless connectivity through our extensive 6E network, both domestically and internationally, while ensuring affordable, punctual, and hassle-free travel experiences.”


Jabalpur, in Madhya Pradesh, is a city renowned for its rich historical heritage and natural beauty. Situated on the banks of the Narmada River, Jabalpur boasts several notable landmarks such as the Marble Rocks at Bhedaghat, where the river carves a stunning gorge through gleaming white marble cliffs. The city is also home to the Rani Durgavati Museum, which houses a significant collection of sculptures, inscriptions, and prehistoric relics that reflect the region’s vibrant past.

Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is the financial capital of India and one of the most populous cities in the world. Located on the west coast of India, along the Arabian Sea, Mumbai is the heart of the Bollywood film industry and a hub for commerce, fashion, and entertainment. The city’s skyline is a mix of colonial-era buildings, modern skyscrapers, and bustling streets that reflect its dynamic and diverse culture. As the economic powerhouse of the country, Mumbai attracts millions of migrants seeking opportunities, which contributes to its vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

These flights are being reinstated to cater to both business and leisure travelers, providing new and affordable options to reach destinations that foster business growth and offer enticing tourist attractions. Customers who wish to plan their travel can book tickets via our official website The introduction of these flights will further bolster the airline’s domestic connectivity.

Flight No. Origin Destination Frequency Effective Departure Arrival
6E 791 Mumbai Jabalpur Daily July 01, 2024 10:00 11:45
6E 792 Jabalpur Mumbai Daily July 01, 2024 12:15 13:40

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