Israel fines US energy giant for discharging wastewater into Mediterranean

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Jerusalem, March 8 (IANS) Israel imposed a fine of 2.9 million shekels (around $809,000) on the US energy giant Chevron Corporation for sea emission violation, the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection has said in a statement.

Chevron is a partner and operator of Leviathan, Israel’s largest natural gas field in the Mediterranean, located off Israel’s northern shores.

The ministry on Thursday explained that the fine was imposed for violating the terms of the sea discharge permit granted to Chevron for the Leviathan rig, by discharging acidic wastewater exceeding the reaction pH value allowed in the permit conditions, Xinhua news agency reported.

It added that the wastewater flown into the sea was found to be at a toxicity level that could harm the fish population that finds shelter under the rig and near the outlet of the discharge.

The ministry noted that early taking of measures by Chevron could have prevented the discharge of the acidic wastewater into the sea and the damage to the marine environment.

“Even when there are malfunctions that cannot be prevented in advance, it is still the company’s responsibility to take all measures to minimize the impact and discharge into the sea,” the ministry said.



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