Israel‘s war against Hamas will not end until complete victory: Netanyahu

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Tel Aviv, Jan 14 (IANS) Israel Prime Minister Benjamtin Netanyahu said that his country will continue its war against Hamas “to the end – until complete victory”

He was addressing reporters at the Israel Defense Forces( IDF) headquarters Saturday late evening.

He also denounced the charges by South Africa in the International Court of Justice( ICJ) that his country was carrying out genocide in Gaza strip.

Benjamin Netanyahu stated that “no force will stop Israel, not The Hague (in reference to ICJ) and not the axis of evil led by Iran and not anyone else”.

He said, “We are on the path to victory and we will not stop until we achieve victory,” and added that he had told US Secretary of State Antony Blinken that this was not only the war of Israel but also the war of the US against the evil axis led by Iran.

The Israel Prime Minister also lashed out at the ICJ complaint by South Africa and asked, “Whom do they support? Murderers, rapists, baby-burners? What an embarrassment, what an embarrassment.”

Netanyahu also said that the State of Israel, the IDF and the security forces were fighting a moral and just war and reiterated that international vilification campaigns by countries like South Africa will not have any impact.



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