ITS Group’s ED Prof. (Dr.) Vikas Singh shares quick tips for teachers to deliver effective online lectures

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In a youtube video on his personal channel, ITS Group’s Executive Director Prof. (Dr.) Vikas SIngh shared quick tips for teachers that will help them to deliver effective online lectures.

The online mode of teaching is expected to be go on for next few months amid rising Covid cases, and so it is imperative for teachers to make sure that the students get the most out of their online lectures.

Tips by Prof. (Dr.) Vikas Singh:

  1. Teachers should create a separate space in living room or drawing room for taking online video sessions at home.
  2. Teachers should preferably connect through wifi so that there are no hindrance during their online lectures
  3. Never conduct a session while lying on a couch, a bed or driving a car. Ideally the teacher should be seated in a chair or standing like they do in actual classroom
  4. The camera should always be above the chin level. One should be looking up in the camera and not down. 30 inch arm distance should be maintained with the camera
  5. In the background, there should be a black wall, bookshelf, virtual green background or a wall with light color paint preferably
  6. If the teachers is using a mobile phone for the online lecture, then the phone should be in the landscape position and not portrait position
  7. Teachers should be positioned exactly on the centre of the screen
  8. The light should be in front of the teacher and not behind. A window or a strong source of light in the background must be avoided
  9. Teachers should look straight in the camera of their phone or laptop. One should avoid looking at the image being displaced on the screen
  10. Correct name and a professional picture should be used
  11. The speaking sound should be slightly higher than the voice pitch normally used. Speaking at a slow pace is recommended
  12. Comfortable & professional clothes clothes should be used. Shorts or half pants should never be used even if they are not going to be visible
  13. Teachers should always keep a smile on their face and avoid touching their face or hair
  14. Teachers should stick to the time limit.
  15. Teachers must keep pen and paper close so as to write down any questions raised by students
  16. lecture should be concluded with a thank you and a smile
  17. Eating anything during the lecture should be avoided. However, sitting with a cup of coffee or tea is fine

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