Job loss in India : Should Government be blamed or appreciated?

Rajiv Goyal

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By Rajiv Goyal

While the Indian government is stepping up efforts to curb unemployment, a new report has revealed worrying numbers on the unemployment rate in India.

What can be reasons for millions of job losses at a glance:

1. Digital Economy both in cities and villages

2. Services like RTO, Challans, Registry, Stamp papers, brokerage, ticketing , insurance & banking etc on IT platform.

3. Removal of inefficiency from system using e-services and Adhar Card linkage* etc

4. Building up infrastructure like new highways eg KMP & EPE has killed much of business on Delhi borders, long queue for city entry, dhaba, petrol pumps, police entry etc. Similarly, many new schools , hospitals have developed which has impacted business & jobs in private sector

5. Sharing Economy which has grown exponentially due to cheap internet availablity specially in field of transportation, living , working etc.

6. Government policies to regulate and control prices

7. Most important one is Job losses have lead to slowing consumption, ie to reduce production of products & services ..
cascading impact on job losses.

One must understand that whether Government need to be blamed for Job loss or be appreciated for bringing easiness, transparency, speed and infrastructure into system.

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