Jodie Comer filmed ‘The End We Start From’ with 15 different babies

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Los Angeles, Jan 21 (IANS) Actress Jodie Comer was joined by 15 different babies on the set of ‘The End We Start From’.

The 30-year-old actress stars as a mother, who navigates flooding and civil unrest in the new survival film, and she found it tough to work with so many different babies during the shoot.

“The babies are allowed on set for 20 minutes and then they have to go, so you’re often having to adapt to that.”

“Sometimes you could be in a very honest moment with the baby, you know, the baby’s giving you something that makes you react in a certain way, and then you have to try and recreate that with a doll — it’s difficult,” she explained to Sky News, reports

“And sometimes the kind of terrain we were working on when we were filming in Scotland, you can’t have the baby, or if you were in a boat. So, there are lots of different kinds of challenges along the way.

“But I think some of the most beautiful moments that we have (in the film) are when we see baby on screen and seeing the world through his eyes and his reactions.”



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