Julia Roberts reveals why she chose to share rare photo of her twins on social media

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Los Angeles, Dec 5 (IANS) Hollywood star Julia Roberts, who is known for ‘Erin Brockovich’, ‘Notting Hill’, ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ and others, rarely shares pictures of her twins, Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus Walter.

However, she chose to publicly celebrate their 19th birthday, and she has shared the reason behind the same, reports ‘People’ magazine.

“It is something to be celebrated, and I know Instagram is a place where people like to share happy things,” Roberts, 56, told Extra. “I love them so much and I really did just happen to come upon this cute picture (sic)”, the actress added. “It allows me to share something as a proud parent of them without infringing on their privacy at all (sic).”

On November 28, the ‘Erin Brockovich’ Oscar winner shared an old photo of Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus Walter as infants, sitting in her lap. “There are no words for the joy, the fun, the wild rumpus of life together”, she captioned the shot.

As per ‘People’, Roberts also shares son Henry Daniel, 16, with husband Danny Moder.

During the Extra interview, Roberts was joined by Mahershala Ali to discuss their upcoming Netflix film, ‘Leave the World Behind’. The upcoming film chronicles a technology mass failure during a world-ending disaster. But Roberts admitted that being stuck in the house “with kids and no devices” actually “sounds like a good time” to her.

She explained that her children aren’t dependent on technology, but she misses the period in time “when you couldn’t get ahold of people, or they couldn’t get ahold of you.”

She said, “I think of a family coming together at the end of the day, and you actually have things to talk about at dinner because you haven’t been in contact all day long a hundred times… or a busy signal.”

‘Leave the World Behind’ debuts on Netflix on Friday.



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