Kamal Nath resigns as Madhya Pradesh CM ahead of floor test

Announcing his resignation before the floor test, Kamal Nath asked- What mistake did I make in 15 months

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NEW DELHI :– Shivraj Singh’s government fell in December last year after 15 years of rule in Madhya Pradesh and the Congress tasted power. Kamal Nath’s government could not run for even 15 months and on 20 March i.e. today the Chief Minister has announced his resignation from his post. The Kamal Nath government won the assembly elections on 11th December and was sworn in on 17th December, 2018.

Kamal Nath said, “Over the last 15 months, I have worked for the progress of Madhya Pradesh. BJP got 15 years but I only got 15 months, but during this time people of Madhya Pradesh know the conspiracy that BJP has indulged in. From day one, BJP began plotting. The party also held our MLAs captive in Karnataka. 22 of our MLAs were held captive in Bengaluru.”

Kamal Nath said further, “We have waived the debts of 30 lakh farmers and we were going to start the third phase of loan waiver. This step stopped the farmers who committed suicide in the state. But the BJP did not like it. The Chief Minister said that we have done the work of making the state mafia-free. The BJP did not want the Mafia rule to end from the state. We worked to make the state safe. We launched the Yuva Swabhimaan program to provide employment to the youth. A large number of youth were unemployed during the BJP tenure. We decided to build 1000 gaushalas for the cows roaming here and there, which the BJP did not like.

“Madhya Pradesh should be made a state where people have faith. We did not make any false declarations. The BJP was afraid of the development work done by us that the door of the state would now come in the hands of Congress. We have not been accused of any scam in these months. The public felt what a proletarian government is like.”Kamal Nath added.

Kamal Nath’s government was in a minority after the resignation of 16 MLAs on Thursday night, and in such a situation, the Chief Minister announced his resignation from the post to avoid the floor test. Assembly Speaker NP Prajapati accepted the resignation of 16 more Congress MLAs on Thursday night. The Legislative Assembly has 230 MLAs, of which 24 seats are vacant. A majority in the House of 206 MLAs requires the support of 104 MLAs. After the resignation of BJP MLA Sharad Kaul, the number of BJP MLAs in the Assembly has increased to 106. With the support of 92 of Congress plus SP, BSP and Independent MLAs, this figure reaches only 99.

In the Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election results, the Congress had won 114 seats while the BJP had won 109 seats. No party could achieve the magical figure of forming a government in Madhya Pradesh, as the Congress was very close to the 116 seats needed for a majority and was supported by independents, BSP and SP. The Samajwadi Party (SP) won the Bijawar seat in the elections. At the same time, independents won 4 seats. Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) had won 2 seats, Patharia and Bhind.

In the press conference that started at 12 noon today amidst the political deadlock in Madhya Pradesh, Kamal Nath accused the BJP of conspiring to topple the government and said that the people of the state will not forgive those who cheat. During this time he said that he will meet the Governor today and submit his resignation.

In fact, the Supreme Court, while giving a big verdict on Madhya Pradesh, has ordered the Kamal Nath government to conduct a floor test by 5 pm today. After this, the Kamal Nath government had to conduct floor tests. But before the floor test, Kamal Nath has announced his resignation.

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