‘Karmadhikari Shanidev’ hits 100-episode milestone; Vineet, Aparna, Suhasi thank viewers

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Mumbai, April 4 (IANS) Actors Vineet Kumar Chaudhary, Aparna Dixit, and Suhasi Dhami, have expressed gratitude as the mythological show ‘Karmadhikari Shanidev’ has completed a 100-episode milestone.

The mythological storyline revolves around Shanidev, the god of Karma, who administers justice with precision, ensuring that everyone without any bias faces the consequences of their actions, whether good or evil.

Through its narrative, the show dispels the myth of Shanidev as a malevolent deity and explores his significance, shedding light on his emotional and thoughtful side.

Talking about the milestone, Vineet, who portrays Shanidev, said: “I am filled with immense gratitude for this exceptional journey. Portraying Shanidev has been a transformative experience for me, both professionally and personally. The lesser-known aspects of Shanidev’s life explored in the show has been an enlightening experience.”

“Over the period, my connection with the character has deepened further. This milestone is a testament to the collective efforts of the entire team, and I am thankful to our viewers for their unwavering support,” he added.

Aparna Dixit, essaying the role of Devi Damini, stated: “Celebrating 100 episodes is truly a remarkable achievement. Portraying the role of goddess Damini has been a challenging yet fulfilling journey. We have built really good bonds with each other.”

“We have poured our hearts and souls into bringing these characters to life, and it’s incredibly gratifying to see our hard work being recognised,” she added.

Suhasi Dhami, who plays the role of Shanidev’s mother, Sangya, added: “Reaching the milestone of 100 episodes is a surreal feeling. The show ‘Karmadhikari Shanidev’ holds a special place in our hearts, and every moment spent on set has been memorable.”

‘Karmadhikari Shanidev’ airs on Shemaroo TV.



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