KGMU to use 3D imaging for surgery in complex fracture injuries

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Lucknow, Jan 28 (IANS) Complex fracture injuries will soon have better treatment result with doctors at King George’s Medical University (KGMU), Lucknow, using the 3D imaging technique.

Ashish Kumar, HoD orthopaedic, KGMU, said: “In 3D imaging of a fractured bone, we get exact piece-to-piece image of every bone part broken in the accident. This helps us plan exactly what we would do upon the fractured bone inside the operating theatre. And the results are far better than conventional method and diagnostic tools.”

In 3D imaging, the computer is fed with the X-ray and other scan files on the basis of which a real-like bone model is generated giving details of each part of the bone fractured/broken, including the big ones and small parts that often are seen in crush injury incidents.

“This 3D imaging allows us to discuss and plan exactly the work to be done inside operating theatre. In a way, we operate upon model outside the OT and then conduct actual surgery,” said Kumar Shantanu and Dr Shailendra Singh, explaining the benefit of 3D imaging for patients of fracture.

The arthroplasty unit of KGMU has performed more than 600 hip and knee joint replacement surgeries while Shah Waliullah, in last one year, performed more than 100 spinal surgeries.

Deepak Kumar performed more than 100 surgeries of orthopaedic oncology and mega-prosthesis in various complicated bone tumours.

Similarly more than 100 complex pelvic acetabular trauma surgeries have been performed by Dharmendra Kumar.

“We are now focusing upon expansion plan that includes additional 120 beds, more units and new equipment which will start facilitating patients soon,” said Ashish Kumar.



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