Kim Yoon Ji made more money from one film than in her 8 years as singer

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Seoul, March 6 (IANS) South Korean actress-singer Kim Yoon Ji, who performs under the stage name NS Yoon-G, shared that she earned more money through one Hollywood movie for streaming giant Netflix than she earned as a singer for 8-years combined.

Kim Yoon Ji was a special guest on ‘Strong Heart VS’, where she talked about her experiences in Hollywood, reports

The actress talked about her role as the key hacker in the Netflix film ‘Lift’.

Yoon Ji said: “I think a lot of people thought I only had a few lines in the movie. But when they saw the film, they realised that I actually had a lot of scenes. They were really happy for me and I am grateful.”

The actress was then asked: “This might be rude to ask but (we’re still curious) about the scale of the appearance fee.”

To which, Yoon Ji said: “This is my debut film. I can’t share the details but let’s just say I earned more than what I earned in 8 years as a singer through this one movie.”

“Moreover, there was a favourable exchange rate, so the earnings were pretty good.”

The NS in Kim Yoon Ji’s stage name initially meant “New Spirit”, but was later changed to “New Star”.



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