Konkona Sensharma, Manoj Bajpayee dish on BTS moments filming ‘Killer Soup’ in Kerala

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Mumbai, Jan 17 (IANS) Actors Konkona Sensharma and Manoj Bajpayee, who have recently shared screen in the dark comedy thriller series ‘Killer Soup’ have opened up on behind-the-scenes moments during the shoot of the show in the lush landscapes of Kerala.

Beyond the scripted narratives and rehearsed scenes, each member of the ensemble carved out memories, deeply influenced by the enchanting locales of Kerala and the mesmerising beauty of Munnar.

From Konkona’s soulful connection with Kerala’s sunsets to Manoj’s dual role as an actor and recently revealed chef, every moment added more meaning to the filmmaking experience.

Reflecting on her shooting experience, Konkona said: “The unparalleled beauty of Kerala captured throughout the series contributed to the visual storytelling. The picturesque landscapes weren’t just backdrops, they influenced my performance through the play of light and shadow during the golden hour.”

“My memories about the location are filled with the fresh breath of winds and the fragrance of the soil; breathtaking shoot locations are tangible testament to the unique synergy between actors and their environment,” added Konkona.

Manoj talked about letting his hidden talent shine on the sets of ‘Killer Soup’.

“In the mid of scenic lanes of Kerala, I embraced a unique role, not just of an actor but also as the team’s unexpected chef. Week after week, I unfolded a culinary adventure, bringing savoring dishes to the crew that helped me showcase my unexplored passion for cooking,” said the actor.

The ‘Shool’ actor further said that Kerala’s rich and palatable culinary culture encouraged him to try new dishes every now and then on the sets.

“All crew members would gather together, relish and celebrate food after long and hectic shoot days, these are the memories that will stay with me.”

“The blend of shooting, traveling, and exploring inroads of a beautiful place like Munnar was motivating, demonstrating the fact that a blend of play, joy and work leads to a happy mind,” added Manoj.

Nassar’s immersive exploration of life’s lessons amid the diverse terrains showcased the profound impact the shoot location had on each artist.

He said: “The backdrop became a vital element that added depth and authenticity to his character in the film.”

The series promises a compelling blend of love, lust, thrill, and suspense, seasoned with dark humour that sets it apart.

‘Killer Soup’ is streaming on Netflix.



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