K’taka shocker: Love affair with Muslim boy, brother kills sister & mother

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Mysuru (Karnataka), Jan 24 (IANS) In a shocking incident, a young woman and her mother were killed by own brother over a love affair with a Muslim boy in the Maruru village in Karnataka’s Mysuru district.

The deceased were identified as 19-year-old Dhanusri, a resident of Hirikyatanahalli and her mother, 40-year-old Anita. The police have arrested the accused brother, Nitin, in the case.

According to police, Nitin was severely upset with his sister, Dhanusri for being in love with a Muslim boy. Many times he had quarrelled with her over the matter and every time the parents intervened and pacified both. Even the parents had advised the victim not to continue her affair with the Muslim boy as it would affect their reputation.

On Tuesday evening, accused Nitin had taken Dhanusri and mother Anita on his bike on the pretext of paying a visit to one of the relative’s houses in a nearby village. He stopped the vehicle at the Marur lake. The accused then dragged his sister and pushed her into the lake.

When mother Anita resisted and tried to save Dhanusri, the accused then pushed her also into the lake. But sometime later, the accused made an attempt to save his mother.

Nitin then returned home, all wet and cried incessantly. When his father Sathish questioned him, he confessed.

Sathish said that for seven months Nitin was not talking to his sister. “I had told them not to quarrel with each other over any matter. I had told him that as parents we would resolve the issue and warned him not to come home if he quarrelled with his sister.

“He was living outside. That day he came home at 9 p.m. and said that one of the uncles was not well and needed to visit him urgently. I bought the petrol for the bike and he took them. When I found him at home, I inquired about wife and daughter. Nitin had taken me to the lake and told me that they were there and then walked away. I rushed to the relatives and informed the police,” he said.

He further stated that his daughter had promised him that she would not do anything that would bring disrepute to the family.

The sleuths of the fire force emergency services successfully retrieved the bodies from the lake on Wednesday. Hunsur Rural police were also investigating the case.



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