KTR slams Telangana government over seed shortage for farmers

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Hyderabad, May 29 (IANS) Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) Working President KT Rama Rao on Wednesday slammed the Telangana government over the hardships faced by farmers due to a shortage of seeds.

The BRS leader wondered if there was a government in Telangana at all.

In his post on ‘X’, the former minister asked where the chief minister and agriculture minister were.

KTR, as Rama Rao is popularly known, remarked that the Congress leaders know only election campaigns and have no idea of the quantity of seeds required by farmers.

The BRS leader remarked that till yesterday the government was not buying paddy from farmers and today it is unable to sell seeds to them.

He said this demonstrates that governance has completely derailed in the state.

KTR said that the government failed to supply water for irrigation, resulting in withering of crops. He alleged that it lacks vision to supply seeds to farmers.

He alleged that farmers were queuing up for seeds from 4 A.M. but they were not getting seeds even after waiting for 12 hours.

Claiming that during the last 10 years, the BRS government supplied seeds to farmers within 10 minutes, he asked if the present government can’t distribute seeds even after 10 hours.

Alleging that farmers were suffering in all districts, he asked how long they will have to face these hardships.

KTR claimed that during the BRS’ rule Telangana had emerged as the food provider of the country but under the Congress’ rule they are struggling to find food for themselves.

Stating that agriculture was a festival during BRS rule, KTR alleged that it has come to a halt in six months of the Congress’ rule.

He warned that if the government failed to wipe the tears of farmers, it would have to face their ire.

KTR on Tuesday described the police lathi charge on farmers in Adilabad, who were lining up for seeds, as extremely atrocious and termed it a government attack on farmers.

He criticized the Congress government, calling it incapable of providing essential resources like irrigation water, financial support through Rythu Bandhu, and even seeds to the farmers.

For the past 10 years, the state’s farming community had been receiving seeds, fertilizers, and 24-hour free electricity smoothly, but the situation has drastically changed in just five months, he claimed.

KTR demanded that the state government immediately apologise for the lathi charge on farmers. He condemned the Chief Minister Revanth Reddy for neglecting the farmers while being busy with election campaigns in other states and visits to Delhi.

KTR suggested that the chief minister set aside politics and focus on addressing farmers’ issues. He demanded that the chief minister and agriculture minister immediately hold a high-level review meeting on the seed shortage, distribution, and the government’s failures to alleviate the farmers’ difficulties.



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