Leaders brain-storm on “Societal Inclusion” at International Inclusive Alliance Conference 2024

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New Delhi (February 16, 2024): International Inclusive Alliance Conference 2024, powered by IIA (International Inclusive Alliance) was organised on 15th February 2024 at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi. Amongst the participants at the prestigious event were Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi (Minister of State for External Affairs & Culture of India), Mr. Sandeep Marwah (Chancellor AAFT University & ICMEI), and several other dignitaries. The event was organised under the patronage of visionary global leaders Neeraj A Sharma and Ms. Shruti Swaroop.

The event aimed at addressing several issues with regards to inclusion of different genders, social and financial groups into the mainstream workforce. Delegates from other nations including countries like Gambia, New Zealand and Jamaica were in attendance. The speakers and panelists discussed the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the suggestive measures to achieve them.

Several prominent leaders including Nicholas Tota (Diplomat, Embassy of Chole), Geeta L.Sahai (filmmaker, author), Arti Manchanda (Community Radio), Sabyasachi Saha (Associate Professor, RIS and Nirupama Prakash (Director, Amity University), participated in a vibrant and engaging panel discussion on the subject of “Societal Inclusion”. The panel discussed various stigmas attached to disadvantaged groups such as women, lower-caste people, senior citizens, people with mental health issues and how these people are isolated and ostracized for the society. They are not given equal opportunities and are deprived of their due recognition.

Eminent speakers elaborated about how putting people into boxes such as “tall”, “short”, “intelligent”, “non-intelligent” is against the concept of inclusion. They proposed solutions to tackle the issue of discrimination and societal exclusion of certain groups. Promoting exchange programmes for students and gender sensitization courses in schools and colleges emerged as relevant solutions. Filmmaker Geeta L. Sahai concluded the discussion by urging people to avoid their biases against people with mental illnesses and recognising their talents.

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