Leopard fear in Coimbatore after reported sighting

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Chennai, Jan 23 (IANS) The residents of JJ Nagar in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore are scared to come out of their homes following the reported sighting of a leopard-like wild animal in the Kuniamuthur area, a crowded area with a dense population.

The residents are scared as in 2022 a leopard was spotted at a godown and was later captured by the forest officials.

Forest department officials told IANS that they have conducted thorough searches in all the bushes and light vegetation in the area as well as in all abandoned buildings, warehouses and godowns but there was no trace of the animal.

Officials also said that four camera traps were set up to capture the movement of the carnivore but till now there was no sign of the animal.

Pazhanisamy. L.K, a Tamil Nadu government employee, told IANS that he was a morning walker but has stopped it for fear of the animal.

When asked as to how he came to know about the presence of the animal, he said that he didn’t know but everyone in the area was aware of such a rumour.

The detection of a leopard in 2022 in the godown and subsequent capture of the animal in the same area has led to the forest department also seriously monitoring the situation.



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