Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Naraina Residents Pick their MP from New Delhi Constituency!


New Delhi, (1/5/2019): Delhi will host the polling in the 5th phase of Lok Sabha Elections on 12th May 2019.
Since ten days are remaining for the voting, all the political parties geared up to reach as many people as they can to gain support and win.

Today, Ten News team reached to Naraina, which comes under Central Delhi Lok Sabha Constituency, to know about their issues and their choice between the three parties mainly fighting for power in Delhi.

While talking to Ten News, residents said, “the main issues here in Naraina are the condition of roads, sewers and garbage. The condition of roads is pathetic, the sewer line is changed every year and after that the authorities leave roads without making them properly. Garbage here is an important issue, everywhere there are piles of garbage but no one concern about it and work to remove it”.

Some of them said, “that the problem arises when we contact the councillor, which is of Congress for local works, they say that the Delhi Govt. is not cooperating with us, when we contact the MLA who is of Aam Aadmi Party, they keeps on saying that these works are not in their jurisdiction and suggest us to contact the councillor. Also when we contact higher authorities of Delhi Govt. they say that the central govt. is not cooperating with us”.

While some of them said, “that this election is to choose a person who is able to run and protect our country. The local issues will eventually resolve if we choose a person who wants to work for the welfare of the country, not just his party or his own self”.

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