Love jihad allegation surfaces as parents seek police action after girl goes missing in K’taka

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Gadag, (Karnataka) Jan 30 (IANS) A week after their daughter went missing, the parents of a 19-year-old girl in Gadag district of Karnataka have alleged that it is a case of ‘love jihad’ and filed a police complaint against 30-year-old Ameer Kukanuru at Betageri police station.

The parents of the girl allege that though they filed a complaint a week ago, the police were not making an honest attempt to find their daughter.

The parents claim that the Betageri police are demanding that the parents hire a car to enable them to search for the missing girl.

The parents asserted that they are poor and unable to arrange the transport for the police.

Sources said that the parents had also attempted suicide after the incident.

It is alleged that the accused, a married man, always addressed the girl as his sister but he lured and kidnapped her.

The parents have also submitted a complaint to the SP of Gadag District, claiming that it was a case of ‘love jihad’, and demanded that he track down their daughter.

They also allege that the accused is closely associated with two other non-Muslim young women, and he may harm them as well.

The police claim they are investigating the case.



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