Lucknow doctors reconstruct Taekwondo prodigy’s crushed hand

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Lucknow, Jan 7 (IANS) The aspirations, along with the hand of a four-year-old taekwondo prodigy, got crushed when her hand got caught in an escalator at the Ghaziabad railway station three months ago.

However, doctors at the city-based Apollo Medics devised a recovery plan for the complex case of Agrima Singh, who had secured the prestigious gold medal after her participation in a Taekwondo tournament in Noida just before the accident.

The urgency of intervention was paramount, aiming to restore the hand’s normal form and function. The intricate process of reconstructing the crushed hand resembled assembling pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, showcasing the remarkable expertise and precision of the team of doctors, led by Dr Nikhil Puri, a plastic surgeon.

“From the moment the incident occurred, we were on edge. At one juncture, we were willing to accept the loss of a limb if it meant saving our daughter’s life. Patience, faith, and the skill of the doctors have proven invaluable,” said the girl’s mother.

Dr Mayank Somani, the hospital’s MD and CEO, commended their delicate surgery manoeuvring through the intricate network of bones, muscles, and nerves.



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