Maha LOP Vijay Wadettiwar demands repeal of ‘anti-people’ MV Act

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Mumbai, Jan 2 (IANS) Comparing the new provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act with the three erstwhile farm laws, the Congress’ Leader of Opposition in the Assembly, Vijay Wadettiwar demanded the repeal of the ‘anti-people’ laws that will make it impossible for drivers to survive, here on Tuesday.

In a strong statement, Wadettiwar said that three years ago, farmers all over the country had carried out a sustained agitation against the three farm laws which were ultimately scrapped.

“This time, the truckers all over India have launched a spontaneous agitation against the MV Act which stipulates a jail-term of 10 years and a fine of Rs 7 lakh for hit-and-run road accidents. This is preposterous, and must be rolled back,” said Wadettiwar.

He said truck drivers everywhere are a poor lot and pointed out that “if they had a huge amount like Rs 7 lakh, then why would they drive vehicles.”

“They are making an honest living and supporting their families by driving trucks and transporting goods all over India. But under the new laws, it will be difficult for them to work and survive,” said Wadettiwar.

The Leader of Opposition slammed the Centre saying that the new laws were unjust and anti-poor, and considering the massive resentment against them, “The government will have no option but to withdraw these laws”.

Wadettiwar also reiterated the Congress’ full support to the agitating truckers and urged the government to concede to their demands immediately.



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