Mahir Pandhi pulls his hamstring on ‘Vanshaj’ set; says ‘the show must go on’

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Mumbai, March 22 (IANS) Actor Mahir Pandhi, who plays the role of Digvijay in ‘Vanshaj’ has recently suffered an injury on the set of the show, however, he continued shooting for the scene, despite pulling his hamstring.

During a shot, Mahir was required to run swiftly while chasing an ambulance and accidently pulled his hamstring, causing him to fall to the ground given the significant pain.

The scene they were shooting was extremely intense and was leading to a crucial point in the story where Yuvika (Anjali Tatrari) was trying to save Dadababu (Puneet Issar) from DJ’s (Mahir) clutches.

However, Mahir continued shooting, his scenes were altered so that he could sit and rest on a chair, to avoid straining his hamstrings. He has been seeking treatment for his injured leg on the set aided by the physician he regularly visits.

Speaking about the injury, Mahir said: “I had a very intense scene where I was required to run fast. While getting into the character and feeling the emotion, this swift movement caused me to pull my hamstring. There was a severe pain in my leg but still as we all say ‘the show must go on’, I continued shooting the scene as the telecast for the same was a day after.”

“The production house and channel has been very supportive, and they have been making accommodations for me, giving me the liberty to do more closeup shots. I didn’t want the shooting to get hampered because of this and the team really helped me to be able finish my scene within the deadlines,” shared Mahir.

“That’s just how it is for actors sometimes – you have to keep going, no matter what. But I still enjoy it as I’m working with a really cooperative and supporting team and I love being on set and filming, even when it’s tough at times,” added Mahir.

‘Vanshaj’ revolves around intense conflicts within a leading business family — the Mahajans, focusing on the battle for inheritance between the heirs.

It airs on Sony SAB.



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