Manoj ‘fed off’ Konkana’s energy to elevate his performance in ‘Killer Soup’

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Mumbai, Jan 4 (IANS) Acclaimed actor Manoj Bajpayee’s mantra to elevate his performance in the upcoming series ‘Killer Soup’ was to “feed off” his co-star and actress Konkana Sen Sharma’s energy.

Manoj Bajpayee expressed how he always admired his co-star Konkona Sen Sharma for her acting finesse.

“There are a few contemporaries that I have high regard for, and Konkona is one of them. There were moments while shooting when I fed off her energy to elevate my performance. Konkona’s dedication and passion for her craft takes centre stage as I always see her strive until she has achieved what she has aimed for.”

“Her commitment instantly shines through, inspiring not only her co-star but the entire crew,” Manoj said.

Konkona heaped praise on Manoj and said that It’s very easy to interact and be comfortable with the actor.

She added: “I have so much respect for him and the work he has done. Our collaboration goes beyond the script, reaching a level of understanding where we can sense each other’s moods, even when the cameras aren’t rolling. In moments of vulnerability, he effortlessly lifts my mood with his humour.”

‘Killer Soup’ will stream on Netflix from January 11.



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