Many anti-foreign forces working behind the Hindenburg Report and calling it as Bofors

Dr. Krishna Kumar Jha Policy Maker Founder Anti Corona Task Force

The session of Parliament is almost coming to a standstill regarding the famous Industrialist Gautam Adani. The report of American research firm Hindenburg has brought Gautam Adani’s empire towards downfall.
There has been a tsunami in the shares of Adani’s companies. Adani’s net worth has also been badly affected by the continuously falling of stocks. A couple of months back Adani was at Number three on the list of the World’s Richest, now he is not even in the top 20. According to Hindenburg Reports, even after reaching at Number 22, the shares of Adani Group are continuously falling. On the other hand, a lot of rumble and tumble is going on about this as the Opposition is demanding JPC. As the result, the proceedings for both houses have been adjourned till Monday.
The opposition is taking this issue seriously. In the last eight-nine years, the opposition adopted many tactics to thrash Modi out of the game, but PM Modi’s fame kept on increasing every day.
Now the Hindenburg report on Adani’s business has made them so excited that they are determined to stop the work of the Parliament.
Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra and BBC documentaries made on Modi are working like a big storm but more ruckus to come than the film is creating. there will be lots of dharnas, demonstrations, and press conferences outside the Parliament as well, but the real question is whether this matter will become Modi’s boffers.
There is no doubt that both Adani and Modi are Gujaratis; both are well acquainted with each other, and there is a direct connection between the two. Who can deny the power of these ties behind the lending by India’s public sector banks to Adani’s companies?
But will the opposition parties be able to prove by giving evidence that huge loans worth billions of rupees have been given to Adani at the behest of the Government?
If our opposition can collect some solid shreds of evidence from this, then the Modi Government will be in big trouble. Hundreds of thousands of people are losing billions and trillions in the stock market, will they remain quiet? From now on they have started raising their voices.
 Some of them will support the opposition and indulge in anti-government rivalry. No wonder some officers will also join these revelations because they can do anything to save their lives. Right now the Reserve Bank of India and Government regulatory bodies have imposed sanctions against the Adani group.
Gautam Adani’s share rate is falling every day. The government will set up an investigation against the Adani group to save their image in public. The credibility of this group is being affected in foreign countries also and because of this the clean image of Modi and India is also being questioned. Some anti-Modi forces may be also active behind the Hindenburg report, but if the Modi Government could not provide solid evidence of its cleanliness, then it is no wonder that this Hindenburg report becomes Bofors-like. Opposition leaders say that this is the biggest scam of the stock market in history.
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