Mark Wahlberg’s tempted to skip his 4 a.m. workouts ‘more often than you think’

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Los Angeles, Feb 12 (IANS) Actor Mark Wahlberg’s early morning workout sessions have become legendary, as he often begins at 4 a.m. However, he revealed that sometimes, he doesn’t want to work out at all.

Wahlberg was speaking to People at the LIV Golf Las Vegas Big Game Party.

“I feel it more often than you think,” Wahlberg said when asked if ever feels like not exercising.

But, he says, he usually begins his day sitting in a 35-degree tub of water and ice, known as a cold plunge, and that gets him in the mood.

“I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m awake, I’m alive.’ We’re a go right after that,” Wahlberg explains.

“So I just go and I do the work.”

Wahlberg often posts videos of his workouts on social media, earlier this week the actor revealed his impressive abs in a video on Instagram that showed him lifting his t-shirt but he acknowledges that rest and recovery are “equally important.”

Indeed, the actor was spotted indulging in some relaxation in December, when he spent time with his family on a vacation to Barbados though his toned physique on the beach during the trip showed off the effect of all his hard work in the gym.

However, Wahlberg says that staying in shape and doing things intentionally the hard way is important to his lifestyle.

“I don’t want to miss something because if, God forbid, I kind of cut corners, don’t show up, don’t put the work in and I don’t get the results that I want, I know why. I don’t want to live with that regret,” he said, adding: “I always feel better after and I just go and get it in.”

On days that he’s not completely all in, ‘The Family Plan’ star says he will do less in the gym or may not do exactly what he planned.

Sometimes, though, his approach will change during the workout.

“I start out sluggish and the next thing you know I’ve ramped it up to a 12 and I got the best workout that I’ve had in a long time,” he said.

He explained his achievements in the gym, like in his life, are down to his strong work ethic.

“But the hard work that I’ve put in has always been a reason why I have success. So I attribute to that and my faith and the amount of effort that I’ve put into everything. So why would I do anything different?”



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