Marriage Functions at Banquet : Joy or Horror

Rajiv Goyal

Marriage season is starting soon for which I request all to adopt following:
a. Limit number of dishes including sweets to 11 only

b. Order banquet hall to commence dinner sharp at 8 pm. In the name of ladki wala & ladka wala food counters are open at 10:30 pm and people like me having diabetes have to literally fight to open counters at each marriage function. Or you may declare to bring own tiffin box, which I have decided to start now

It’s like kidnapping & abduction.. remember your guest has to go back and sleep for going to office next day

c. Guest must be asked to provide proper dress to their driver, who should also be allowed to eat at same place..Be human & keep big heart. In big halls where 100 dishes are offered, drivers are not even served food , if yes, only Aloo-puri

d.Put banners at 4-5 places in pandas strictly warn to guest to offer any gift, cash or big bouquet. Let’s stop this tradition so that even poor relatives don’t feel shy to attend function

e. You invite 500 people, actual attendance is no more than 200. You pay @ 2000-5000 per plate for 500 people. You don’t allow drivers of guest. There are 150 waiters … whom you want to waste money .. to show you are a rich man.. when you don’t offer food @ 8 pm & to drivers, in my opinion you are biggest poor on the earth

It will be great service to nation and kind gesture to your guests

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