Mastering Stress: HR Expert Vikas Kumar Unveils Proven Strategies for Resilience and Well-being

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New Delhi (20/03/2024): In a recent interview with Ten News, Vikas Kumar, a seasoned HR business partner at DCM Shriram Ltd, delved into his personal journey, stress management techniques, and offered valuable insights for viewers. Facilitated by Shweta Kumari, a distinguished Life Coach and Career Consultant, the conversation touched upon various aspects of professional and personal growth.

Reflecting on his educational choices, Mr. Kumar shared his decision to pursue a path aligned with his passion for understanding human dynamics, despite familial pressure to pursue engineering. Opting for a course in Human Resources, he expressed his desire to work closely with people and contribute meaningfully to their professional development.

When queried about his preferred sector for employment, Mr. Kumar emphasized the merits and challenges across different industries. He highlighted the fast-paced nature of retail and the burgeoning opportunities in agriculture, while advising aspiring professionals to select sectors aligned with their long-term career aspirations.

Addressing the definition of stress, Mr. Kumar articulated it as the dissonance between expectations and outcomes—a sentiment echoed by many navigating the complexities of modern life.

In the realm of recruitment, Mr. Kumar underscored the significance of assessing candidates’ attitudes and resilience, prioritizing individuals capable of persevering through challenges rather than solely focusing on past successes.

Discussing his personal stress management techniques, Mr. Kumar emphasized the value of introspection and solitude. Taking time to contemplate the broader implications of his actions, he advocated for temporary disengagement from work as a means to recalibrate and regain perspective.

In his parting words, Mr. Kumar stressed the importance of mentorship and clarity of purpose in navigating one’s professional journey. Encouraging viewers to seek guidance and mentorship, he underscored the transformative power of mentorship in fostering personal and professional growth.

Vikas Kumar’s candid insights offer a roadmap for individuals grappling with stress and seeking direction in their personal and professional lives, embodying the ethos of resilience and introspection in the face of adversity.

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