Meet the Man Who Has Created Garden of 250 Rare Ayurvedic Plants between Concrete Jungle of Greater Noida : Dr DK Garg

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Ayurveda, the ancient medical science of India is rapidly gaining back its past recognition and glory with more and more people getting interested in this form of medication.

Taking this legacy of Ayurveda Therapy forward and in order to benefit maximum number of people through this ancient Indian form of treatment Dr. DK Garg Chairman of Ishan Institute of Ayurvedic College and Research Centre has created a unique Botanical Garden in Greater Noida.

Ayurveda is 5 thousand year old natural healing science that has completely stood the test of time. Due to such large scale application and enormous benefits of Ayurveda, the efforts for conserving herbs has been taking place in many parts of countries.


One such dedicated person is Dr. DK Garg who has created a flourishing botanical garden having around 250 species of different scientifically beneficial plants and herbs. It is his dedication through which rare species of herbs found in mountains are now flourishing in between the sky scrapers of Greater Noida.

In Knowledge Park area of Greater Noida this initiative is breathing life thanks to meticulous efforts of Dr Garg, who is also the chairman of Ishan Ayurvedic College. He is not only preserving these herbs but also giving treatments to the patient using these treasures of prime importance.

Dr DK Garg is interested in Ayurvedic treatment. After doing lot of research on herbs he is conserving them in his herbal garden within his college campus from last many years & with time he now has vast variety of herbs including some very-very rare species.

During a conversation with Ten News he said, “Whether it be fruits, root, stems or leaves, everything has a medicinal value & are even capable of treating fatal diseases like cancer.

Dr. Garg also informed that in near future he also plans to start a guided tour of this amazing botanical garden so that interested people can come visit the area and get to know about natural treasures.

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