Early Feed for Longer Mental Stability: The Need of the Hour for Teenagers

Suraj Loshali

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Everything that happens in a human’s life, is all because he or she is acting consciously and subconsciously. As I have seen, the conscious work gives a satisfied result, while subconscious or unconscious work may or may not give a desired result. The topic is relevant for people of all ages, but I am covering the life of teenagers because from what I have seen, many teens today make decisions which affect their personality as well as their personal lives in a very negative way.

When teenagers cross the age of 14 years, they start becoming reliant on their fantasy world as they don’t understand the actual meaning of life. We as parents need to fix the understanding for teens as much and as early as we can. A very large portion of the young population today have mental disorders because they don’t get the basic guidance when they actually need it. We as humans need to think about it and have to give a little extra effort to fix this problem, to help make a great India. Physical fitness is necessary but we need to get a good feed from the early age of fourteen to provide long term mental stability to children.

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