Bulandshahr: MMR Group, a premium realty developer of NCR sponsored a cricket tournament initiated by “Navdeep Samajik Vikas Sanstha” (NGO). The NGO is run by Ch. Shashank Bhati, a social activist. The tournament titled “Bulandshahr Grameen Cricket Tournament” was organized in Bulandshahr itself where; Mr. Mohit Singh Raghav, MD, MMR Group was seen inaugurating the event. The cricket tournament was scheduled to be conducted from 15th April 2015 to 23rd April 2015 in Yamunapuram Sports Stadium, Bulandshahr. The tournament was aimed to encourage the rural talent and make them ready to play in future for the events of National and International repute. The talented players from these blocks have been given a big platform to showcase their skills. Further, the selected players from the tournament will be prepared for the Ranji Trophy under the special scheme designed by Ch. Shashank Bhati. Teams of 16 blocks of Bulandshahr namely, Bulanshahr, Gulwati, Sikandrabaad, Khurja, Sayana, jahagirabaad, BB nagar, Daanpur, Lakhawati, Dibai, Pahasu, Anoopshahr, Uncha Gaon, Shikarpur, Arania and Agota participated in the tournament. In a view to encourage the players and bring to the world, their talent, “Bulandshahr Grameen Cricket Tournament” is a commendable initiative by MMR Group. MMR Group is determined to create more smiles at every step. The company is in constant pursuit of making life better for communities with its various initiatives in the fields of health, education, livelihood and sports along with art and culture.

MMR Group is a highly diversified, dynamic and multifaceted company. Mr. Mohit Singh Raghav, on the inauguration ceremony of the Bulandshahr Grameen Cricket Tournament said “Our rural population is full of hidden talent and potential which goes untapped, and with such initiatives we are able to pump out such potential in front of the world. It is a small step from us to do our bit for the society. It would motivate the young aspirers and prepare them for future where they can display their skills on national and international platforms”. Mohit Singh Raghav, is a young entrepreneur with a strong will and deep rooted moral values. He firmly believes in excellence and is all set to take the company to newer horizons under the astute guidance of his father. He is the young face of MMR and its torch bearer.

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