The “Modi de-stressing session”-Just what the doctor ordered

Dr Anuj

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Kudos to our Prime Minister Narendra Modi for undertaking an unprecedented initiative by addressing the germane cause of countless students appearing for the forthcoming board exams this year. Talking about the studies and the cliche’ of the exam blues, we set our own guidelines and principles to fight with the ordeals of exam papers and the expressionless faces of the examiners, while facing the viva voice  tests. It is the positive mind set and the mental energy that surpasses any preparation for the exam. Looking at the next door neighbour and comparing our own skills and intelligence is the most futile and the funny thing to do. Need we say, everyone has his or her own battle and blues to face. The parents play a very serious role in modelling the future, and the persona of their children. The basic trait of comparing all the time with the “Son of Sharmaji next door”, is a cancer, we have to fight.

Modi brilliantly explained the proper dose of confidence building, art and habit of regular studies, and garnishment of yoga in fighting the menace of pre-exam shivers and shams.


The curfew like situations at home, during the exam times, only compounds the misery and the loss of confidence. Ultimately, it’s not a war, or a battle of approval to the whole world about your worth and intelligence. The human mind is the most superior creation of God. It has been designed to undertake projects and jobs of all kinds, to the perfect suitability of the person. Only getting honours in the sordid exams is not the panache to achieve. More important is to realise and value the self worth by the protocol of self estimation and self adjudication. No exam can truly fathom the depth of IQ and the intelligence of an individual.

So why shiver in the quilt, in the winter nights, while in the countdown state of the approaching boards or other exams. Relax and believe in yourself.

The larger picture is to face the exam of life which unfolds its colours in the most secretive and queer ways. Every moment stay cool and relax to brace up for the unseen.

If you are positive inside, then there is no looking back, be it a trivial exam, an approaching election, or any other competition.


Modi aptly concluded by telling students, “Believe in the famous quote of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, ‘I will not accept defeat’. Try to make this the mantra of your lives.”

Taking time out of his extremely hectic schedule to address the basic issues concerning the students, Modi indubitably won the hearts of not only countless students, but their parents as well.

It was a ‘Modi’ magic potion for the students to help them cope with the exam blues.


With the exams round the corner, the timing could not have been better for the much needed “Modi de-stressing session” for the over stressed students and their anxious parents.

Just what the doctor ordered!!

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