The Modi Impact on Budget 2014 by Sanjay Chaturvedi

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The first railway budget has hit the common men in a way within increase in fares. However, there were intellectuals praising the budget with the hope of getting better services. With the financial budget all the worries seems to be diluting with the more promising future in vision. A better tomorrow seems to be unveiling in coming years. Modi is probably the first prime minister of the country who has not only just promised about many things out of his own imagination but has proved that it was his vision not his mere imagination of a better tomorrow for the country. He has ensured that whatever he has promised to the voters gets place in the budget whether it is cleaning of Ganga or allocation to clean Ghats of Ganga or allocation for women safety. He has shown the people of the country his plans to make the cities smarter and more efficient. Using more of abundant natural resources is the key to prosperity without taxing the common man. On the one hand he has extended the relief to the common man by reducing tax burden; he continued the old practices of taxing the negative products like tobacco and cigarette to an unprecedented rate of excise duty. This is what we can call natural justice. Such steps can be seen as a step towards eradication of curses like smoking and tobacco chewing. If not seen politically a slighter rise in any head of expenses such as metro fare or buses fare would not have pinched too much, practically subject to the increase being put to a common good. I know that people affected with political mood would certainly react negative to my comment but at present we are living in the world where we can spend Rs.800 on movie ticket happily (assuming 4 of a family going once a month and without considering any expenses on snacks which may be another 300-400) in PVR but if an increase of Rs.1 in milk dairy converting to Rs.30 a month (assuming a liter per day) becomes a political matter to protest. So, my view is that we, as a common man, should become more responsible while reacting to such budget initiatives taken in the larger interest of the country.
The Modi Government has taken several steps in the direction of ‘minimum government maximum governance’. Apart from this they have stepped on the check to discourage ‘family’ system in governance with clear instructions to the administrative officers as well as to the ministers against any appointment of relatives. Stepping further in this direction, an advisory against ‘recommendations’ for transfer of officials is issued. Since Narendra Modi himself has taken any central post for the first time, that too of the Prime Minister, some breathing space has to be given to him and his team to settle down. Since the direction is correct, we all should wait for a better tomorrow. We all should hope that ‘acchhe din aa gaye hain’ with just comparing the days when everybody in the power was dipped from tow to head in corruption. Just wish that ‘Team Modi’ remains away from corrupt practices just to keep the faith of the people of India who have done all their possible efforts to ‘vote for change’ for ‘achhe din’.

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