‘Monty Python’ star Eric Idle says John Cleese is a ‘bully’

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Los Angeles, Feb 13 (IANS) Actor Eric Idle has described his ‘Monty Python’ co-star John Cleese as a bully, and added the pair have not spoken for seven years.

Eric, 80, claims fellow ‘Monty Python’ actor Terry Jones was picked on in particular, reports ‘Mirror.co.uk’.

“(John) bullied Jonesy. I always felt ashamed we did nothing. I still love and am proud of what we did as ‘Monty Python’. It was a very unique group. I think of us as an ex-Liverpool team. We played together well, way back in the day. But it was never very supportive of people’s feelings and emotions. Not brothers. Colleagues,” Eric said.

As per ‘Mirror.co.uk’, the comedian and actor added he still has to work for financial reasons. Eric, who said he sold his home last year, has also criticised TV lawyer Holly Gilliam, whose dad is ‘Monty Python’ star Terry Gilliam.

Holly took over the ‘Monty Python’ brand in 2013. Eric has said: “I don’t know why people always assume we’re loaded. “I have to work for my living. Not easy at this age.”

He seemed surprised by the apparent downturn in fortunes after the comedy group’s huge success. He said: “We own everything we ever made in Python and I never dreamed that at this age the income streams would tail off so disastrously.”

In a dig at Holly, he added: “I guess if you put a Gilliam child in as your manager you should not be so surprised. One Gilliam is bad enough. Two can take out any company. I don’t mind, but once they put Gilliam’s daughter in as manager and Cleese fires (Python’s one-time manager) Jim Beach, well, it’s over.”

Eric’s daughter, artiste Lily Idle, backed him, saying, “I’m so proud of my dad for finally, finally starting to share the truth.”

Eric thanked fans for their “kind words and encouragement”. The star, who created award-winning musical Spamalot, added: “It means a great deal to me.”



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