Motwane explains why directors must invest in writing: Got to ‘bleed’ for your film

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Mumbai, March 7 (IANS) Vikramaditya Motwane, who created quite a buzz most recently with his OTT series ‘Jubilee’, has said a director has to “bleed” for his film and make it his own by investing his time in the writing process.

He was speaking at the film industry trade show FICCI Frames 2024 in Mumbai and shared his views on the changes that have come about in the movie business over the years and addressed the big question: Does a director need to be a writer as well?

“I think directors are involved in the writing process,” Motwane said. “Sometimes, a little bit of objectivity in writing helps you when you look at the material. You can make the change. A director has to be involved in writing whether it is subjective or objective.”

He added: “You have to own your film. You have to bleed for your film and that can only happen if you are invested in it. That Investment can only come if you are a part of the creative process, which is writing.

He concluded his observations by noting: “So, whether you are a helicopter or the actual driver of the car, there has to be some skin in the game, that is, the writing process.”

The director was also asked if he were not a director, what would he be in the business of filmmaking. He answered saying, “I would have been a cinematographer. I love photography. When I was an AD, there was a point where I had to choose between being a director or a cinematographer. But if I have to choose today, I would be an editor.”



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