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Heartiest congratulations to PM Narendra Modi , His Council of Ministers , Team BJP and NDA Partners .

There is no need to remind the promises made by the BJP and NDA Partners during Lok Sabha Elections , but I as an Indian citizen feel appropriate to list my wish list .

1. Abrogation of unconstitutional Articles 370 & 35A

2. Trifurcation of Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh into three separate Union Territories to set right the demographic imbalance.

3. Amend Indian Penal Code to make Sedition charges very stringent and expedite cases against Tukde Gang and others who utter anti India slogans/statements in the name of freedom of expression.

4. Amend Drugs & Magical Remedies Act 1954 to check mushrooming of fake Babas like Ram Rahim, Computer Baba, Golden Baba, etc. Those who come into mainn stream especially in politics to waste tons of pure ghee etc in the name of Vijay Havan.

5. Expedite all ED Cases and in certain cases where foreign link is proved, make the offence non-bailable .

6. Attach all Benami properties.

7. File DA cases against all politicians who have shown 200% to 1000% increase in their assets shown in the return while filing nomination over the years.

8. Promulgate Uniform Civil law and enforce population control measure.

9.Expedite National Register for Citizens of India and deport all Rohingyas and infiltrators.

9. Bring uniformity in private and Govt Educational Institutions in fee structure as well as in syllabus so that our next generation learns about the rich cultural and scientific heritage of India instead of about invaders.

10. Change names of all roads, cities and railway stations named after invaders like Bakhtiyarpur Railway station at Nalanda. It should be named Chanakyapuri Railway Station.

11. Archeological Survey of India to stop spending cores of rupees on upkeep of monuments of invaders. It should generate it’s own received the. Similarly, the extra land allotted in the name of Memorials of former Prime Ministers should acquired to put in productive use instead of spending crores on horticulture maintenance on such vast track for nothing.

12. Archeological of India should correct and rewrite it’s record to give true pictures of ancient temples,palaces, forts etc. and reconstruct the ruins of Kakiteya, Vijayanagaram, Pandiyan, Chol, Chalukya, Mourya, and Buddhists ruins. All Sikh Gurdwaras in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, should redeveloped and brought under the protection of Indian Embassy/High Commission .Similar steps should be taken to redevelop and protect all Hindu shrines in the world.

All others steps summarised as Roti, Kapda and Makaan are already being taken care by NDA. Let it be called shaffronization but these measures will help emerge as one Supreme Power to become Vishw Guru through peaceful means.m
Jai Ho…..

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