National Technology Day

Amit Choudhary, Chief Product & Technology Officer, Ecom Express

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The logistics and supply chain industry is evolving at a phenomenal speed, and we believe that data and technology will be the driving force behind this transformation. Thanks to developments in IoT, AI, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics, and with our modern and scalable proprietary technology stack, mobile-first applications, cloud based, connected and secured order fulfilment platforms, we are able to enhance our processes in logistics and supply chain, from warehousing to last-mile delivery.


At Ecom Express, we recognize that technology and data are key drivers of growth and innovation. As a business, we are dedicated to staying abreast with these changes and utilizing the most recent innovations in data and technology to provide excellent service to our clients. Looking ahead, we are enthusiastic about the potential of cutting-edge technologies to further alter the logistics and supply chain sector.


We believe, the use of data and technology in logistics has the potential to make the sector environmentally friendly and sustainable. We can minimize carbon emissions by using data to optimize delivery routes and streamline our operations in fulfilment centers. This is idle for our customers, who equally demand sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. In conclusion, National Technology Day in India serves as a reminder of the industry’s great potential for transformation by data and technology.”

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