Navneet Malik learns art of tea making for his role in ‘Aankh Micholi’

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Mumbai, Feb 6 (IANS) Actor Navneet Malik, who plays a tea stall owner in the undercover cop saga ‘Aankh Micholi’ co-starring Khushi Dubey, has opened up on learning the art of making tea for the show.

Navneet shared: “It is not like I have never made tea. I come from a family where my mother did teach me a few things. And when you move to a new city, these are the basics. When I signed the show, I thought there isn’t much to do there in that department. However, once I was at a local tea shop with my friends and I realised they aren’t making tea like we usually do at our place.”

“There is a certain choreography, certain histrionics that goes into the making of tea. When I spoke to the tea stall owner, he also told me that the reason they do this is to attract more people. As it is important to have some visual attraction. I immediately knew that if I have to make my character more real, I need to learn this art,” said ‘The Freelancer’ fame actor.

For almost a week, Navneet would go to the tea stall and learn the art of making tea.

“I need to be honest; the man was such a humble person. He readily agreed to teach me how to make tea. I would go to the stall and make tea, learn the art, and dance for almost 30 minutes. It was so much fun. In fact, from the fourth day, there were a couple of people who would come and say, ‘Wo lamba ladka nahi hai? Uske haath ki chai peene thi’. I did make my own loyal audience at the stall (laughs),” he added.

Produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions, it airs on Star Plus.



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