Nikhita Gandhi: ‘Jiya Jaise’ is a breath of fresh air

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Mumbai, Jan 12 (IANS) Singer Nikhita Gandhi, who has released a magical love song ‘Jiya Jaise’ in collaboration with Indie sensation Raghav Kaushik, has called it a ‘breath of fresh air’, adding that it resonates with the soul.

‘Jiya Jaise’ is a vibrant and heartfelt love anthem.

Talking about the same, Nikhita, who sang as the face of Deepika Padukone in ‘Raabta’ for the title track ‘Raabta’ said: “It was extremely fun to collaborate with a talented singer like Raghav and creating ‘Jiya Jaise’ is a breath of fresh air. The collaboration with Raghav brought out the best in both of us, seamlessly blending to create a melody that resonates with the soul.”

“The track is a celebration of love and I hope the listeners feel the magic that we experienced while bringing this song to life,” said Nikhita, who sang ‘Ullu Ka Pattha’ with Arijit Singh.

The music video is a visual feast featuring Pranutan Bahl and Varun Patel, adding visual allure to the captivating audio experience.

The music has been produced by Himonshu Parikh.

Seamlessly blending Raghav’s beauty and soothing tunes, with the melodic prowess of Nikhita, this upbeat track will entice listeners to groove to the cheerful song while surrendering to the magic of love.

Speaking about the release, Raghav shared: ” ‘Jiya Jaise’ is like a happy dance, echoing the simple joy of two hearts coming together. This song delves into the nuances of first love in the digital age, where connection is just a click away, yet the complexities remain timeless.”

“Working with Nikhita and Himonshu, for me, took the song to another level. I hope the inherent hope that transcends through the song reaches out to our listeners as well,” he added.



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