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Nirbhaya episode Dec 2011 and the annual conference of CONRWA or the Confederation of Resident Welfare Association on 29 the November 2015 have, on the face of it, nothing in common. But they have as it came to pass.

This annual convention had listed several subjects for detailed exchange of ideas. These included Law and Order, Safety of Women, Pollution and Role of RWAs . Under the Chairmanship of a former Secretary General of the Rajya Sabha and steered by Chetan Sharma General Secretary of CONRWA the paucity of time notwithstanding, the heaviness of the agenda, both the presentation of listed topics and questioning were meaningful and crisp. The Valedictory session at the end attended by the Chief Minister of Delhi was icing on the cake. Number of issues concerning the National  Capital Territory of Delhi( NCT) were bluntly raised and not one question was really fended off. On the contrary, there were some major revelations. Admission that faulty water bills needed some thing as drastic as waiver , one time waiver was one of them. Similarly the issue if faulty and ” fast” electric meters causing consumers huge trouble with continuous exaggerated charges was frankly admitted by the Chief Minister. If that was not comforting there was titillation. It appears that an order existed ,of which he had no information, that these electric meters could only be purchased from selected  five companies and with in the next fifteen days some sensational  action is planned. There was, also, an admission of corrupt activities in the Delhi State offices of the SDMs. On the whole, remarkable proceedings in a conference, any conference, non-governmental or governmental.

The whole rape issue of December 2011 was very prominent when the session converged to discuss the issue of Safety of Women in the NCT. The trigger was pulled by the current Chairman of the Delhi Commission of Women. Her target was the existing judicial system, the police, the courts, the prosecutors and the Social Welfare Department of NCT . She was at her castigating best.  She was upset angry and  outraged  as she rattled the figures  of crime against women and girls. What depressed her and angered her was her absolute conviction that there was no delivery  at all  as of now by those whose job is to help ameliorate the victim’s trauma. No body could have been so frank and devastating. She has been a few months in the job, as she frankly admitted, but there was enough steel in her assertions to hope that she means business. More muscle to her.

Nirbhaya, in this background, epitomizes the concern for safety of women folks in our country. The present concern, and this is across the board, is the danger to the safety and security of them if the juvenile rapist is allowed to re-enter society by mid December 2015 as is likely currently. To many it may appear to be an exaggerated fear. Be that it may its a point that cannot be overlooked. The parents of Nirbhaya were present. Her mother addressed the Convention and expressed her apprehension at his imminent release and the fact that he has shown no contrition , no regret so far. The long and short of it the family is fearful.  The entire gathering stood up as one person and raised their hands assuring the family that they solidly stand with her in ensuring this criminal’s continued incarceration. This criminal today has come to represent real fear among the weaker sex and those who dearly believe that such a depraved creature needs to be made an example today.  It has therefore been suggested  that CONRWA  recommend  to our law makers, the Parliament , as the Supreme Law Maker of the country  to adopt a law to put away this convicted rapist behind bars for rest of his natural life. Parliaments all over the World make laws for all and for one and our Parliament has , in the past, passed laws sending individuals to jails.





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