Nitish Kumar only has Rs 22,552 cash and Rs 48,000 in bank accounts

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Patna, Jan 1 (IANS) The Nitish Kumar Government released details of the assets of its Cabinet Ministers on the last day of 2023.

As per the data released by the Government, the Bihar Chief Minister has Rs 22,552 in cash and total deposits amounting to Rs 48,000 in three bank accounts.

Nitish Kumar also has movable assets worth Rs 16.84 lakh and owns one 1,000 sq ft flat in Delhi’s Dwarka area. That apartment was purchased at a cost of Rs 13.78 lakh in 2004 and its current market value is Rs 1.48 crore. Apart from this, Nitish Kumar has 23 head of cattle that includes 10 cows.

However, Tejashwi Yadav, the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar has more wealth than his senior. Tejashwi declared Rs 50,000 in cash, while his wife Raj Shree has Rs 1 lakh in cash.

Tejashwi Yadav also has Rs 54 lakh in his bank accounts, shares of Rs 5.38 lakh and 200 grams of gold. His wife has 480 grams of gold and daughter 200 grams of gold.

Tejashwi owns two bigha of land in Phulwari Sharif in Patna, two bigha of agricultural land in Gopalganj, eight katha non-cultivable land in Danapur, and also has land at Dhanaut and Gardanibagh worth Rs 36 lakh.

Former Chief Minister Rabri Devi and her son Tej Pratap Yadav jointly have Rs 39 lakh in their bank accounts.

Tej Pratap Yadav, the environment, forest and climate change minister in the Bihar Government has two luxury cars including a BMW worth Rs 29.43 lakh, another car worth Rs 22 lakh and a bike worth Rs 15.34 lakh. Tej Pratap has Rs 98,000 in cash, Rs 17 lakh deposited in various banks, cultivable land worth Rs 42 lakh, non-cultivable land worth Rs 88 lakh and a residential house worth Rs 1.78 lakh.

Sumit Singh, the science and technology minister of Bihar Government has Rs 2.52 lakh cash, and his wife has Rs 3.11 lakh cash. His wife also has jewellery worth Rs 50 lakh and FDs worth Rs 73 lakh. Sumit Singh has Rs 1.11 crore in fixed deposit in a bank, a Qualis SUV, a pistol and a rifle in his name.



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