Noida Authority to appoint committee of members for Vending Zone Policy

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Saurabh Kumar


For successfully implementing vending zone policy in the city a committee is being formed in Noida. To include some members from the public the committee has formulated a process which has been finalized. While applicants from different RWA’s can put forward their candidature, the final decision will be taken by CEO of Noida Authority.

Those people who are interested in the policy can apply by giving an application in the authority within 30 days of announcement.

For making the city free from road side vendors and illegal encroachment, a vending zone policy is proposed to be introduced. Government had given approval for this and the whole city will be divided into 160 vending zone for which 1000 spots have been identified where vendors have been allowed to  operate.

For this policy vendors are also being surveyed for the very first time. It has beeb proposed that in the upcoming survey committee there will be 11 members chaired by CEO himself or by an officer appointed by him so that transparency can be maintained in the work.

There will be two members from RWA’s which will also be appointed by CEO based on their applications.For applying on these post applications have been already floated and applicants have to submit in authority within 30 days. Tenure of each member will be of 2 years.

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