Noida authority issue notices against officers for overstaying in official accommodations


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Noida, (15/3/2019): The Noida Authority had issued notices to around 30 senior district officials and asked them to vacate the authority owned residential flats two years ago, after those officials refuse to acknowledge government policies to move out if they get transferred or retired.

There are over 300 residential flats and quarters owned by the Noida authority in the area. Officials said that, of these there are over 80 such flats which have been “forcefully occupied by various level officers from the district who have been either transferred or are retired.”

“As i have just being transferred a week ago in Noida Authority, and it will be the first task that i have been given by CEO. Officers who come on new postings have to face trouble because flats are already occupied by previous employees,”.

We have started making a list of those officials and after Holi the process to get these properties will start and now we are also thinking to impose penalty and interest both on the defaulters”, said Kumar Sanjay, OSDS of Noida authority.

The officials who are occupying the flats are still not concerned about vacating the properties and pay the penalty. According to the rules and regulations, Noida authority charges Rs 100 per square meter every month as penalty if any officer refuses to vacate the flat after their retirement or transfer, officials said.

As per the policy, an officer can continue living in the same flat for two months by giving the rent after they get transferred. After two months, they have to pay double the actual rent for another two months.

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