Over 7 in 10 Indians find chips key in shaping smart device experience

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New Delhi, Jan 3 (IANS) More than seven in 10 (77 per cent) of the country’s smart device users consider chipset capabilities highly important in influencing their device experience, a report showed on Wednesday.

Smart device users rate performance (76 per cent), graphics and gaming capabilities (66 per cent) and 5G connectivity (62 per cent) as the top three features dependent on chipset capabilities, according to the report by Counterpoint Research.

“For any electronics device, we believe that personalized experiences will be the real differentiator for consumers going forward. This means deeper integration of advanced technologies leveraging artificial intelligence for a seamless, reliable and personalized experience with a relentless focus on ultra-fast connectivity,” said Research Director Tarun Pathak.

These chipsets shape consumer experiences and help OEMs differentiate their offerings at a time when we are transitioning to next-generation 5G networks.

In terms of brands, the report showed that 61 per cent of the respondents were aware of MediaTek’s chipsets across smart devices in the country.

MediaTek was the world’s top smartphone chipset brand in Q3 2023 with a 31 per cent market share.

The Taiwan-based company develops systems-on-chips (SoCs) for mobile, home entertainment, connectivity and IoT devices, and is also involved in other key technology areas.



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