Paul Walter Hauser seen partying barefoot following ‘rude’ Emmys acceptance speech

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Los Angeles, Jan 17 (IANS) Hollywood star Paul Walter Hauser made the most of his night at the Emmys and was spotted with no shoes on after partying to celebrate his win.

Paul was named Best Supporting Actor in a Limited Series on the night for his role as chilling killer Larry Hall in ‘Black Bird’, reports

The actor caused quite a stir as he headed up to collect his award when fans spotted he was chewing on something that they assumed was gum. However, Paul later confirmed it was in fact a piece of dried mango that he was munching on.

As per, many took to X to complain about his appearance as he stood on stage holding his award upside down and reading his speech from his iPhone.

One wrote: “Paul Walter Hauser, GET RID OF THE GUM. That was disgusting.” Another noted: “Paul Walter Hauser smacking his lips while chewing gum was not only too much, but disgusting and rude.” A third said: “Paul Walter Hauser really couldn’t like…spit out the gum before going on stage? It’s giving trashy (sic)”. A fourth social media user quipped: “f*** anything, that casualness makes me like him more”.

Paul then went on to pose with his award for photographers in the winners room having lost his shoes somewhere along the way. He continued to be barefoot as he laid across and stretched over tables following the afterparty for the prestigious awards ceremony.



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