Permission not required for hymns, ‘Annadhanam’ today, TN Govt to Madras HC

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Chennai, Jan 22 (IANS) The Tamil Nadu Government on Monday informed the Madras High Court that its permission was not required to play hymns, offer ‘Annadhanam’ or live stream the ‘Prana Pratishtha’ event at private temples, mandapams or other such places.

This was stated by the Tamil Nadu Government Additional Public Prosecutor (APP), A Damodharan before Justice Anand Venkatesh of the Madras High Court.

The court had held a special sitting around 9.30 am on Monday on a writ petition filed by L Ganapathy, president, Viveka Hindu Movement, Thiruninravur, Chennai.

The petitioner was challenging an order passed by the Avadi Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) on January 21, 2024 rejecting permission for hymns and ‘Annadhanam’ at a private marriage hall in Pattabiram.

Senior Counsels, S Ravi and G Karthikeyan argued the case on behalf of the petitioners. The APP informed the court that the organisers need to inform the police about the event so that the force can take adequate measures for crowd control if needed.

The government lawyer also told the court that the police would impose restrictions only in sensitive places for maintaining law and order.

The APP however told the court that permission of the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HR&CE) Department must be obtained for temples that fall under its control.

On the basis of the position taken by the state government, the court said, “The above stand taken by the State Government and the police makes it quite clear that conducting the function considering the auspicious occasion, singing bhajans, uttering Ram naam, offering Annadhanams are not per se prohibited or restricted,” Justice Anand Venkatesh said and added that all the celebrations and Annadhanams must be done in a pious and religious manner.

He said, “It must be borne in mind that all this will be done in a responsible and pious manner today without giving rise to any law and order problem. No misinformation or wrong information must be permitted to be spread and this will be kept in mind by all parties concerned. Ultimately, everyone concerned must keep in mind that bhakti towards God is only for peace and happiness and not to disturb the equilibrium prevailing in society.”



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